Hemingway "The Hunt" BBQ Sauce


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The Hunt BBQ Sauce was inspired by the time Hemingway spent in Lake Manyara, Tanzania, where he and wife Pauline spent 10 weeks on safari. He was also a very avid game hunter that provided him the adventure he sought throughout his life. The sauce contains native African spices and fruits, including paprika, tamarind, mandarin oranges and pear. These native flavors have been added to a tomato and pepper base to give it a sweet flavor on the front with a little bite on the back. High quality packaging. Each Hemingway product is connected to a geographical location with longitude and latitude listed along with the Hemingway history, story or book that the product is inspired by.

We want you to be inspired by the flavors and cultures that inspired the man who has inspired so many.

Let us be your passport to the world of flavors Hemingway loved.

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