Coconut Soy Candle in Modern Face Vessel in Noir

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Set a thoughtful mood with these ethereal face candles. Candles hold 2.5 OZ of wax and have a burn time of 6+ hours.

Pick from any of your favorite JG scents.
Roses On Our Mind (notes: rose, orange, lavender)
Calm Within The Choas (notes: lavender + eucalyptus mint)
Good Vibes (notes: tropical fruit + fresh mountain greens)
But First Sleep (notes: lavender + cedarwood)
Channel The Flannel (notes: Fir needles and smoked woods)
Fall Breeze (notes: Cedar Leaf, Pine and Spiced Fruit)
Spruce It Up (notes: Berry, Pine and Cedarwood)
100% Homebody (notes: Fir needles and smoked woods)
Take A Hike (notes: Berry, Pine and Cedarwood)
Live By the Sun (notes: grapefruit and mangosteen)
Love By The Moon (notes: tonka + cedarwood)

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